Rockwood Cinema Review: Almost Heroes (1998)

A dishevelled Chris Farley looks at Matthew Perry wearing a colonial hat and white puffy armed shirt in the woods.

First off, no... not Almost Famous, this movie is in no way famous. Although there are famous people in it. Today on Rockwood Cinema Review, we take a look at Chris Farley's last feature full-length movie, the 1998 outdoor comedy, Almost Heroes. Chris Farley co-stars along side Matthew Perry (from the television show Friends) as …

Rockwood Cinema Review: Backcountry (2014)

Banner for the Review of Backcountry showing a concerned woman wearing a backpack

Camping Tip: if you NEVER want to go camping ever again, then watch Backcountry (2014) Today in Rockwood Cinema Review (with a focus on outdoor movies), we are going to take a look at Backcountry (2014) (also released as Black Foot Trail). Directed by Adam MacDonald and based on a true incident involving a bear …

Rockwood Cinema Review: Campfire Tales (1997)

Three teens (two girls and one boy) sitting with the glow of the campfire on their face in the wooded darkness

Back from the grave with another spooky edition of Rockwood Cinema Review, where we look at movies set in "the great outdoors". Today being Halloween, we thought we would take a look at Campfire Tales (1997) an anthology of different horror stories by different directors. Feel free to leavea a comment on what you thought of the film or my review.

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