Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Beastie Boys – “So Wat’cha Want” Video

Howdy ho. Back again for another Bands In The Woods Wednesday, today in anticipation of the Spike Jones Documentary (coming out on the 24th), we have Beastie Boys’ iconic video from 1992’s Check Your Head album, “So What’Cha Want“.

Beasties in the woods: the illest MFs from here to the Gardenia.

The Beastie Boys (at the this point in their career) had really pivoted and owned their new sound (bridging the gap between hip-hop and alternative rock). They were apart of the punk/hardcore scene before they were rappers, so it was more like their sound had almost come full circle in the summer of ’92, alongside an impressive year for hip hop and alternative rock alike.

This effortlessness to fuse genres, crossed over to video making, evidently, as “So Wat’cha Want” was directed ‘Nathanial Hörnblowér’ (aka Adam Nathaniel Yauch aka MCA). This is truly remarkable. Beastie Boys have had their fair share of iconic videos and worked with amazing directors, including Spike Jones (who made the upcoming documentary). However, its the slow motion effects and lip syncing of “So Wat’cha Want”, that was first used in this video that would be reproduced in countless other music videos hereafter. It’s another testament to how influential MCA (r.i.p.) and the Beasties are.

The one missing piece of the puzzle is: WHERE IS THIS VIDEO FILMED? So, What I, What I Want… is to know where this forest park is located? If anyone knows where this video was filmed please comment below. It could be California, perhaps BC, maybe even Japan?

Beastie Boys are featured on Cottage Country Vol. 18:

5 Replies to “Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Beastie Boys – “So Wat’cha Want” Video”

      1. Awesome! I remember hearing that either on an interview with them back in the day or it was a Kurt Loder MTV news clip. But I 100% remember that. Please let me know what you come up with!! Awesome site btw!!

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