Cottage Checklist – be prepared to have a good time

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For maximizing your cottage time, it’s good to be prepared. So, to extend our commitment to good times we have gone ahead and made a checklist for you so you don’t forget anything. Trust me, you don’t want the day that you should have been basking in the sun, to be the day you had to drive into town for a can opener. 

Check out our Cottage Dougie Boom’s Cottage Checklist. It features:

  • A downloadable, fillable and printable pdf.
  • categories and lists of important items you will need for your cottage vacation.
  • plenty of extra space to add your stuff.
  • room for names (to make sure everyone brings pants).
  • Whose bringing the tongs? For items that only require one, mark who is bringing it.
Having a list is “most important” or you will have to take your mistakes to the store.

However, most cottages (whether they are rentals or not) should come with some items (e.g. kitchen accessories, bedding). So all these items may not be necessary to bring but check with your host. 

ARE WE MISSING SOMETHING? Comment below on things you think should be added (for v2.0).

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